The Vital Concept is a holistic endeavor that aims to create a basis for sustainable development in South Africa.  We have plans to make eco-friendly, sustainable communities the staple of development projects across the African continent.



Rozelle Vital Village

The first of it's kind in South Africa, Rozelle village will be the first Vital Village based on the concept. Located in Wellington, Western Cape, it is also South Africa's first ever Branded Housing project and the pilot project of a series of Branded Villages. We are to apply for the GreenStarSA residential rating once construction is completed.

This is a new way to deliver multi-unit housing countrywide, distinctly created to suit the lifestyle and circumstances of the typical South African family of today. Born of our changing times, it is far more than mere property development.  In an innovative manner it integrates a dedicated Internet-based Business with the Development of Eco-friendly (Green) Security Villages. Those living in the estate have personal relationships with suppliers on an ongoing basis.

The character of this development is “Rural but Urban”. It was essential to respect the rural atmosphere, with low density and low rise and an architectural character which is sympathetic to its rural-but-urban atmosphere.

You can only benefit richly by investing here!

Wellington is known for being milder during the typical cold wet Cape winter, with sunny outdoor weather for most of the year and for extreme hot weather in mid-summer. The architectural design of the proposed development is a response to this. The quest was to create a house design which is ideal for Wellington, complying with its climatic conditions and which at the same time fits into its historical architectural heritage.


Other Villages

All the villages will have the same design principle, materials, products and services adapted to specific locations and target markets.  That will be Branded and the brand name is Vital Villages. Vital Villages is a win-win setup for all role-players, while the bottom-line winners are certainly the buyers of the houses. Together with the shareholders, they should enjoy a higher return than normal, even in spite of today's economic climate, because the concept is in line with our changed and changing economic scene.

Apart from the Rozelle Vital Village development, the project presents opportunities for Investors, Endorsers, Sponsors and Funders to become part of this ground breaking venture. There are several ways to support this project (please contact us for more details on the different ways to support us).  We have in the Vital Villages Concept a product which an informed marketer can present with confidence and expect better results than possible with other comparable developments.