The Vital Village Concept is a multi facetted business which explores living and building sustainably in South Africa and elsewhere. Our focus is green property development, the encouragement of green architecture and design, and environmentally conscious building products and methods.


Green development is OUR generations’ goal, and through our various sustainable building projects we’d like to achieve this very concept. Our first project is Rozelle Vital Village in Wellington, Western Cape, where we will introduce Branded Housing set in a security village.

What is an environmentally conscious building if the products being utilized are not? That is why we will also be talking about sustainable building products and methods which can be found in our GREEN GROUP section.


The Green Group

The principle behind our Branded Housing, which includes the Green Group and our Vital Villages Concept, is inclusiveness. It means we have to accommodate as wide a variety of supply companies as the type of projects would allow. The alternative, as a simple example, will be to buy everything from one company, but that would defeat the object entirely.

The idea to develop a wide range of housing villages under the Brand Name and a wide range of supply companies, working together in the spirit of sharing, is the foundation this New Way of doing things.

The big winners are the buyers of our houses. If we win and retain their enthusiastic support, they will keep on investing and we all will thrive.